Not sure if yours is a chiropractic case?

12390807_SWhen you think of chiropractic care, do you think of help for acute back or neck pain? Many people do. Chiropractic care is definitely a great option for the treatment of those issues. But chiropractic care can help with much more. However, some people are reluctant to visit a chiropractor because they aren’t sure if their condition really can be helped with chiropractic care. If this is you, don’t worry. At Jon’Ric Massage & Wellness Spa, we understand.

One of the most important aspects of a visit to the chiropractor is an initial assessment. What a relief to know you are being seen by a doctor who will assess your individual situation to see if yours is really a chiropractic case – and who will refer you to another healthcare professional if your situation cannot best be treated with chiropractic care. And that’s exactly what Dr. Timothy Barry will do.

In addition, Dr. Barry will treat your situation and educate you on posture, exercise and nutrition, because combining these and other treatment types can give patients a higher success rate and potentially prevent re-injury and lessen chronic pain. He likes to focus on family and will see all members of the family (including babies and moms to be). He also focuses on sports chiropractic.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, research indicates “that the services provided by chiropractic physicians are both safe and effective. The evidence strongly supports the natural, whole-body and cost-effective approach of chiropractic services for a variety of conditions.” Ready to see if chiropractic care is for you?

Look better. Feel better. Be better.

Jon'Ric Open imageLife happens … and sometimes it leaves you feeling like you need a little escape. But that’s okay because we are open and ready to help you take the time to take care of you.

We will help you look better. Interestingly, when you feel confident, you present yourself in a way that makes you appear more attractive to others. And when you know that you look better, your self confidence gets a boost.

We will help you feel better. Chronic pain, sports injuries and stress all take a toll – and it shows. Prolonged stress can lead to back, shoulder and neck pain. It can also cause headaches, cardiovascular problems and respiratory stress. Besides the physical impact on your body, pain and stress can have a negative impact on your appearance too.

We will help you be better. When you look better and feel better, you are able to be better. You can be better at your job. You can be better in your relationships. You can be better in you activities. You can do life – better. When was the last time you had a facial, a manicure or a pedicure? Do you have a hairstyle that is uniquely yours? These aren’t just luxuries. They will help you look and feel your best. But don’t ignore your health and wellness. They also have an important role in helping you be better. Whether you suffer from chronic pain, pain from a sports injury, or neck/shoulder/back pain from stress, a chiropractic consultation and adjustment can address the source of your pain. The priority is to make an informed health choice for yourself and your family. A massage is also a great option. Whether you want to relax, address a physical concern or feel pampered, a customized massage will be just right for you.

Jon’Ric International Massage & Wellness Spa is now open in Nolensville! Our services include chiropractic consultation and adjustments, haircuts and color, facials, manicures, pedicures and massage, among others, with the goal of helping clients look better, feel better and be better. We offer a relaxing atmosphere and top-notch service in a full-service spa. For more information, visit our website. To schedule an appointment, please call 615-283-4257 or book online. We are here for you.

Share the love (and the fruit)

11986539 - apple - heartWhen it comes to a healthy diet, fruits and vegetables should have a starring role. But why does the apple get so much love? Is it really better than say, a banana or an orange at cutting back on doctor’s visits?

Apples are filled with nutrients that can be beneficial to your health, and the antioxidants in apples are one of the main reasons they’re so high on the list of good-for-you fruits. Antioxidants can help inhibit the growth of cancer cells and can help fight inflammation. They have also been linked to lower rates of cardiovascular disease.

But don’t other fruits have some of these same benefits? Actually, they do.

If you need more potassium in your diet, then you’ll probably want to grab a banana. Want to boost your immune system with vitamin C? Go for an orange. Joint pain? Eat some cherries. Need more fiber? Blueberries might be the way to go. In fact, no matter what fruit you choose, it’s good for you.

To give your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs to stay healthy, you can’t go wrong with fruits (and vegetables). Extensive research from around the world shows that diets rich in fresh fruits and vegetables lead to healthier, longer lives. Sure, you can find vitamins and nutrients in supplements. But fruits and vegetables are delicious ways to get what you need.

And if you want more – a fruit-rich diet will improve your skin and hair health. So make sure that you include fruit in your daily diet. An apple is always a good choice, but you don’t have to let one fruit get all of the attention. Share the love with lots of other fruits and vegetable!