Can you feel it?

39451425 - business people rush hour walking commuting city conceptLife. Does it feel like you are moving at top speed through it, being bumped and buffeted from all directions? Life is full of adventures and challenges. And keeping up with everything you need and want to do can sometimes leave you feeling a little bruised. It doesn’t mean you aren’t enjoying life. It does mean that you need to make an effort to slow down now and then. Consider these four reasons you deserve a massage:

  1. You work hard – and you can feel it. Whether you sit behind a desk most of the time or are on your feet most of the day, work is tiring. You give it your all every day because you know that success takes effort.
  2. You play hard – and you can feel it. Physical activity isn’t only fun – it is good for you too! So get out there and move. But all of that moving can leave your muscles sore and aching.
  3. You’ve been a little stressed – and you can feel it. Stress is just part of life. Besides the mental and emotional exhaustion that accompanies it, stress can take a physical toll on your body. Chronic stress can even cause long-lasting issues, like gastrointestinal problems and cardiovascular problems.
  4. You just deserve it – and you can feel it! Sometimes we feel like we have to justify relaxing or taking time for ourselves. But you shouldn’t have to. You deserve some “me” time!

A massage is the perfect way to relax and refresh. So when you start feeling life, let a massage help restore you so that you can get right back to it.

Pamper your face

FacialHave you ever had a facial? If you’ve dismissed having one as a bit of pampering you just don’t need or have time for, then you should consider these benefits. (If you’ve had one, you may be getting some benefits you hadn’t even thought about!) Consider these benefits of having a facial:

Deep cleansing. This is the obvious benefit. A facial will deep clean your skin, leaving you with clearer pores. It will also remove dead, dull skin. Exfoliation can benefit every skin type. And at Jon’Ric International Massage & Wellness Spa, your Esthetician will work with you to choose the perfect products for your skin situation.

Improved circulation. If you want your skin to have a healthy, natural glow, a facial will help. Not only will it remove the dead skin, but it will also get the blood circulating, bringing more vitamins and nutrients to your skin.

Younger looking skin. As you age you lose elasticity and support in your skin. While having a facial won’t keep your skin from aging, it can help you have brighter skin. Your Esthetician can also help you understand which skin products will best help keep your skin looking younger.

Stress relief. The stress you deal with daily doesn’t impact your physical health only. It impacts your mental and emotional health too. And those effects can become very visible in your face. A facial is a great way to relax and relieve stress – and to erase those signs of stress from your skin.

Keep in mind that to reap the benefits of a facial after you have left the spa, you have some responsibilities to your skin. First, ALWAYS wear sunscreen. Second, cleanse your skin regularly. Third, pay attention to what you eat because a well-balanced diet is important for your skin too. Finally, make sure that you are getting adequate sleep.

With our full range of skin care services, you are sure to find the facial that is right for you. Book an appointment to pamper your face today!