An ahh-mazing summer

54602523_SSummer is here! Finally! How can you embrace the season and make sure this summer is the best ever? With these 3 tips to make this summer ahh-mazing:

Get in the swim. Nothing says summer better than a refreshing swim. Ahh… that first cool splash! Remember, though, that sun and chlorine from the pool (or salt, if you’re at the beach) can take a toll on your hair and skin. Always wear sunscreen. A hat can be a great fashion statement. And a visit with one of our stylists or Estheticianswill help you stay refreshed and fabulous.

Eat healthy. Summer is the perfect time to fill up on seasonal fruits and veggies. When it’s hot, cooking can become a dreaded chore. The good news is that with so many fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables available, you can create some ahh-mazingly cool, delicious and healthy summer meals.

Have a spa-ahh day. Of course you can’t say spa without “ahhh”! What better way to relax than with a day (or even an hour if time is tight) at the spa. You can take time for yourself, share it with your significant other, or have a day out with friends. No matter – you’ll be refreshed and ready to go. Our Relax Package is a great place to start this best summer yet!