Sit up straight!

36346548_SStop right this minute, as you are reading this blog, and take stock of your posture. Are you slumped over at your desk? Are you lying on the sofa? Are you kicked back in your favorite chair? Are you on a bench in the park on your lunch break or walking down the sidewalk as you read?

No matter what you are doing as you read this, sitting, reclining or standing, your posture probably isn’t great. Really. Most of us do not hold our phones or other devices up so that we can look at them without slumping or tilting our heads forward. And have you thought about what that is doing to your neck and spine?

Many people already suffer from neck and back pain. It may be due to sitting for long periods of time at a desk, from heavy lifting or from repetitive movements at work. Whatever the cause, you don’t want to add to it while you’re catching up on the news or on what your friends are doing (or while you’re reading an awesome blog like this!). According to Kenneth K. Hansraj, the Chief of Spine Surgery at New York Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine, the strain on your neck increases the more you tilt your head forward.

We’re ready to help relieve that pain! A massage by one of our great therapists can help reduce pain and leave you feeling relaxed. If the pain is more serious, book an appointment with our on-site chiropractor. In the meantime, limit the amount of time you look down at your phone. Periodically stretch your neck. And pay attention to your posture.

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