A closer look at acrylic and gel artificial nails

47468962 - woman hand with dark red nail design and purple bag for cosmeticsWhen it comes to getting your nails done, there are plenty of different styles and methods. Whether you are looking for a natural look or prefer unconventional colors, your specialist has a wealth of different options for you to choose from. That’s where we come in. Did you know that at Jon’Ric International Massage and Day Spa, we specialize in discovering the deeper beauty that exists at your fingertips? Our nail specialists are experienced in the many different types and styles of nail applications available.

With so much to choose from, it can seem overwhelming at first. What type of nails are you looking for? For those seeking artificial varieties, there are plenty of options. Hearing that doesn’t make your choice any easier though, does it? That’s why we wanted to use today’s blog post to talk about the different types of artificial nails available currently available on the market. When the time comes for you to take a seat in the chair, don’t you want to know all the details? Of course, you do! Let’s dive in.

Why would you want to get artificial nails?

There are many reasons a person might want artificial nails. Don’t automatically assume that artificial options are somehow inferior or less desirable than the natural variety.

Perhaps you are going to a wedding or a family reunion and you simply want them to match a special outfit you have picked out for the occasion. Or maybe growing your own isn’t an option due to your job or day-to-day responsibilities.

The most widely used types of artificial nails are gel, acrylic, and silk. But gels and acrylics are becoming increasingly popular because they’re durable and tend to last longer. Silks, on the other hand, are primarily used to strengthen tips or repair problem cracks and other problems. They can come in handy for a quick fix, but they don’t have the durability or strength that acrylics and gels do.

Working with acrylics

If you opt for acrylics at the salon, what can you expect?

The process is relatively simple: Your nail technician will mix a liquid with a powder. Once fully combined, the mixture will be carefully brushed over the entirety of your nail. While they can also be sculpted to the tip, most of the time they are used on the entire nail. As the acrylic is exposed to the air, it hardens. Any odor Is harmless and will dissipate as the acrylic continues to dry.

As time goes on, acrylics will grow out. To ensure a consistent look, you will want to return to the nail salon every two to three weeks to have them filled in. Once you are ready to have them removed, just let us know and a nail technician can do so quickly and easily.

Working with gels

In decades past, gel nails were thick like toothpaste and hard to work with. Fortunately, advances in nail technology have made them much easier to work with. Gels of today are thin, malleable and easy to apply, much like nail polish. Also like nail polish, gels are evenly brushed onto the nails or nail tips to extend the length.

Unlike acrylics, which air-dry, gels must be placed under an ultraviolet (UV) light for around two minutes while the gel “cures.” During the application and curing process, there is no odor. And like acrylics, gels grow with your nail, so reapplication is recommended.

Are you looking for a fabulous look at the end of your fingertips? For nails in Nolensville Tennessee that will leave your friends wide-eyed with envy, it’s time to make an appointment with Jon’Ric International Massage and Day Spa.