A look into what chiropractic services entail

Ever wonder what happens when you go in for chiropractic services? Of course, visiting a chiropractor is similar to the process involved when you visit other healthcare service providers, but there are unique elements to each visit that differentiate chiropractic services from a regular trip to your family physician. The clinic setting and intake process might be relatively the same, but one outstanding feature is the treatment table.

Chiropractic treatment tables are elaborate pieces of equipment that allow for precise positioning. The movement of the table allows the provider to complete spinal adjustments and other treatments. A visit to your chiropractor will also include a physical, treatment and follow-up plan. It’s time to take a deeper look into what your entire visit will entail.

The chiropractic intake

Just like a standard medical intake, your trip to the chiropractor will include a comprehensive health questionnaire. This document will ask you specific questions about your health history. You will also meet with your chiropractic provider to discuss whatever is ailing you. This may include you making indications of where you are experiencing discomfort on a chart resembling the human body.

The physical exam

Next up will be a thorough physical exam. They will first focus on general health, then move on to an exam that puts specific emphasis on the 18071519 - 3d rendered illustration - backachespine. Depending on where you are experiencing discomfort, the chiropractor might also perform a neck exam. You will also go through assessments that include range of motion tests, reflex testing, orthopedic testing, and more, depending on your specific chiropractic concern.

The treatment plan

Once your assessments have been completed, the chiropractor will develop a treatment plan designed to address your specific concern. It will consider what your injury or irritation is and to what extent it impacts your life, your overall level of health, spine condition, and treatment goals. Depending on your discussion with the chiropractor, your treatment plan could involve any number of different factors to help you find relief.

In-office treatment expectations

Once all of the first steps are completed, your chiropractic experience will involve an in-office treatment, the most typical of which is an adjustment. Adjustments are the main component of a chiropractic treatment plan. They utilize specific levels of force, leverage, direction, and amplitude to modify joints and aspects of your musculoskeletal system.

The adjustments made will most often be to your spine, but depending on your discomfort or specific concern, you may receive adjustments to your ankle, knee, wrist, elbow, or other area of your body. If you are having back or neck pain, your adjustments may also be separated by a period of a few days or weeks. This allows the treatment to incrementally loosen the discomfort or reduce irritation.

In some cases, patients may not be able to handle manual adjustments. In these situations they may instead receive non-force adjustment techniques. Non-manual techniques include heat or ice, electrical stimulation, shoe inserts, a specific exercise regimen, or even nutritional guidance to support diet or weight loss.

Since good extremity functionality is so important to healthy living, the services a chiropractor provides can be critical to not just your comfort, but also to your overall level of health. This is what makes chiropractic in Nolsensville Tennessee so important.

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