Go get those nails done!

83062209 - master of manicure paints nailsAre you ready for your first trip to the nail salon? We are excited for you! There’s no reason to be nervous. We make the experience as inviting and as fun as we possibly can, and we guarantee you will leave feeling like the most beautiful person in the world!

We wanted to take a moment to give you a primer on what you should expect when you go in to get your nails done. You want your nails to look pretty, right? Well, get ready to sit down and have the time of your life!

Are you considering enhancements?

There are several different types of gel products. The first is gel polish, which can add a lot to the look of your nails, but doesn’t add a lot in the way of strength or hold. Real gel enhancements, on the other hand, provide one of the most solid foundations for a beautiful nail.

Gel enhancements function much like acrylics. Whether you want simple tips, something more sculpted, or a natural overlay, gel functions differently from acrylics. Rather than the finished product drying by air, gel enhancements cures when exposed to low-level UV rays, which are not dangerous to humans.

Gel enhancements also offer superior flexibility over acrylics. They are beautiful and less likely to break or snap away.

What to expect when gel enhancements are being applied to your nails

Your technician will first work on pushing back the cuticles to prep your nails. This helps prevent too much oil from being left on the nail plate. But don’t worry, it is not a painful procedure. Your cuticle will be trimmed carefully and shaped up to match the nails. Your technician might put small etches in the nail to allow for better surface adhesion.

If you are going in for an extension, a base gel will be applied. The gel, once applied and placed under the lamp, will cure for a total of thirty seconds. In many cases, while the gel is being cured, other fingers are completed. This method is used when the lamp cannot accommodate all five fingers at the same time.

Once the first layer has cured, a second layer of gel is added. This is the sculpting gel and it is thicker than the gel base. In most cases, the coat will take two minutes to fully cure. Some technicians may employ a technique called “flash curing” which saves some time on the original method.

After the second layer has been completely cured, the final layer – the grand finale – of the gel enhancement procedure takes place. A thick, viscous type of gel is the perfect substance to fill in any gaps or imperfections. The final layer also takes 2 minutes to cure.

With the final curing complete, your technician will wipe the nail surface with an alcohol pad, which removes any sticky layers left over after the final sculpting. To achieve the stunning look you came for, you will have a choice of polish or gel lacquer.

When getting your gel enhancements done, make sure to avoid sudden movements, don’t reach for your phone or beverage, and stay very still while the gel, polish, or lacquer is curing. Since gel enhancements are more difficult to remove, you don’t want an unnecessary mistake to occur that might require a reapplication.

We’ve got your nails covered… literally!

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