There are many different types of massage

45276033_MThere are so many different types and styles of massage that it is enough to make one’s head spin. Fortunately, we are here specifically to keep your head from spinning! Sit back, relax, and enjoy a good massage. That’s our motto. But we want to help you decide what type of massage is best for you. Considering how many different types of massages are available, let us tell you the ins and outs of a good massage.

You’ve heard of many of the classics, from Swedish to deep tissue, but there are also more exotic versions of massage that can have just as much of a positive impact, such as shiatsu. Whether you are considering a massage for a nagging health condition, painful injury, or just to have a relaxing time after a rough week at work, a massage may be just what you need. Here’s a look at the different types of massage and how they can work for you.

Swedish Massage Therapy

As one of the most well-known types of massage, Swedish is the most standard offered. Whether you are at a clinic, gym, spa, or wellness center, this type of massage offers everyone virtually any type of comfort they could want or ask for.

Swedish massage is based on traditional Western anatomical concepts, as opposed to Asian forms of massage that focus more heavily on an energy-centered aspect. A Swedish massage uses oils, lotions, and broad general strokes to help one find relief.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

When you have a big knot in your muscle, this is referred to as an adhesion in the massage world. It represents a specific problem existing in the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue within the body. When administering deep tissue massage, slow strokes cause friction across the muscle grain.

Massage therapists address this chronic tightness through specific applications of their strokes. If one is experiencing repetitive pain, muscle strain or posture problems, deep tissue is best able to address these concerns. Deep tissue provides a lot more pressure than Swedish, so it is important to let your therapist know about pain tolerance levels.

Shiatsu Massage Therapy

Getting into a more exotic, but no less effective, form of massage, Shiatsu involves pressure places through specific applications of a therapist’s fingers. This pressure is applied in a rhythmic sequence all along the body of the individual receiving the work.

When the fingertips apply pressure, they are held for about eight to ten seconds. Shiatsu massage may be a form of Japanese bodywork, but it has roots in Chinese medicine and is designed to help stimulate specific points within the body that help it to improve energy flow and balance.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Another aspect of exotic therapy is that of hot stone massage, which uses warm stones, placed at strategic points along the body. The stones are generally made of volcanic basalt, which is a lot better at holding heat than other types of rock or stone.

The hot stones are designed to relax and loosen areas that the therapist can then access and work on. They are particularly good at loosening up adhesions.

You may be wondering, but aren’t there other types of massage as well? There certainly are! From Thai to other forms we have never even heard of, the point is always the same: relaxing the body and loosening the muscles. It is something we are proud to do. If you are looking for a massage in Nolensville Tennessee that will leave you feeling more relaxed than ever, it is time to pay our offices a visit. We are waiting for your call!

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