At Jon’Ric International Massage & Wellness Spa, we provide massage services to meet individual client needs. Whether you want to relax, address a physical concern, or feel pampered, we can customize a massage that’s just right for you. The massage therapist will begin each session with a short consult, which allows each client to inform the therapist about any issues or concerns they have, as well as indicate their goals for the session.

Jon’Ric Signature Swedish Massage 

Enjoy a traditional Swedish Massage, which is focused on general relaxation, relieving tension, and loosening minor muscle knots. The massage therapist will remain mindful and focused on the specific needs of your body, and may customize the massage to ensure the best experience for each client.

We recommend our 90-minute Swedish Massage, as this allows the practitioner the opportunity to resolve any muscle knots and still have sufficient time to ensure a relaxing, full-body experience.

60 minutes $75 • 90 minutes $90 • 120 minutes $105

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is founded on Swedish Massage, but uses firmer pressure. The massage will be deeper and more intensive. We encourage clients to communicate with their massage therapist during the session to ensure the pressure is the right amount: not too deep, but deep enough. Each massage is customized based on the goals for the session as well as the feedback from the client.

A deep tissue massage may be focused on specific areas of the body or be a full-body experience. The consultation prior to beginning the massage allows each client to share their goals for the session with the massage therapist.

60 minutes $95 • 90 minutes $125

Sports Massage

Sports Massage combines several techniques, focusing on those specific actions which will assist in muscle recovery and relieving pain and soreness. A sports massage can focus on specific areas of the body, or can be a full-body treatment.

60 minutes $95 • 90 minutes $125

Duet Massage

A duet massage allows a client to receive a massage in the same room as another client. Each client may choose from a Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Sports massage, and the experience may be customized for each person.

60 minutes – from $170 for two
90 minutes – from $230 for two

Massage Add-Ons

Warm Soy Candle-  $15

A locally made candle will be lit during the massage, so the client may enjoy the scent during the massage experience; choices include Review Me, Happy Pill, Breathe Easy, or Sweet Dreams. The candle is made of several oils, which can also be used by the massage therapist during the massage. The remainder of the candle is a take-home gift for the client.

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